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A destination where individual style emerges from thoughtful curation and beauty is found in materials and quality, to celebrate comfortable and stylish modern contemporare Furniture with Living Philosophy

Homelogy is the newest member of The Luxury Asia Living group launched in 2021. The brand has redefine its image and personality since the previous brand that was established since 2010. With the goal to inspire a new concept, a change in style and also to curate inspirations in becoming more modern and vital than ever before.

Inspired by the furniture trends and movement, Homelogy focus on its core values of pioneering innovation, creativity and functionality. Integrated with bigger arrangement, leather, fabric and detailed stitching, quality is made through selections of exclusive modern contemporary styles and casual elegant furniture at an affordable price which is dedicated to clients and designers in this urban era.

Homelogy shapes the living space trend in home with concept and solutions. Through the advancement of the object’s simplest form that reflects in the new style collections which are influenced by interior design from all over the world, from artisan-inspired looks to sustainable finds.

Our lifestyle brands offer inspired living through good quality products, pleasing aesthetics, minimalistic contemporare design and timeless style demystifying the posh and warm look, while making sourcing and choosing products for the home both easy and enjoyable.